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Flo Comment was born and grew up in Switzerland. When she was a child, she tried her hand at the violin which she practised for several years. However, it was during her adolescence that her interest in music literally exploded. Mostly influenced by English pop music bands, she began to play the the bass guitar, started to sing and joined local groups .

After a short stay in Spain where she wrote and produced her first album (Jet Indie), a duo with fellow musician Unalaska, Flo Comment arrived in Paris and continued her music career as bass player and singer in various groups (Toorist, M’panada, Tibet Libre, Smadja…).
She also performed afro-contemporary dance in Irène Tassembedo’s company “Ébène” (Burkina Faso).
Flo Comment immersed herself in traditional music thanks to her travels (mostly African countries) and musical encounters. Little by little her music, both inspired and individual in style, took on new tones and rhythms.
In 1999, Flo went to Mumbai. Invited by the Great Master flautist Hariprasad Chaurasia to take part in the Millennium Concert, she met great Indian musicians there who, captivated by the sound of her kalimba, her original ideas… and her voice, also sought her out.

Flo Comment decides to stay in India to study Indian classical music, specializing in Hindustani classical vocal with Dhanashree Pandit, Kishori Amonkar and Tulika Ghosh.

While in Mumbai she meets Sanket Naik (Kailasa) a very  talented and versatile  musician with whom she set up her original musical project “FOULA” . Together they interpret her songs, creating a world music, mostly sung in english and french with an afro-indian touch using kalimba, guitars, tablas, sarangi, flute, bass and percussions. They regularily perform in India and France.

In 2006 her Guruji calling her  « Flokhansahab » asks her to back her on stage (harmonium and backing vocals) . She gets her diplôma in Indian ckassical vocal music (SMB Mumbai) in 2007.

Back to Paris in 2007,  Flo Comment starts to teach indian classical vocal   focusing on indian vocal techniques, and sound yoga. She collaborates with different bands and musicians such as Tryo, Manu Eveno, Seb Taylor, kaophonic Tribu, Borrina Mapaka, Samba N’Go, Sally Nyolo, Johann Berby….) and resumes her song writing.

Flo Comment is keeping a close contact with India, her Guruji Tulika Ghosh, musician friend Sanket Naik and Dhanashree Pandit.

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